Those who love, know God

There had to be an image from Tasha and Adam’s wedding!
Faith of one person in another.
It strikes me that this is partly based on the experience of their relationship – “this works” – but also, and more importantly, based on a faith in that gift we call love.
Of course, if we take note of words in John’s Gospel, we understand that love comes from God. Our experience of love between people, ourselves or others, is an encounter with God.
I therefore need to include here an image of the folk shoppiing in Acocks Green.

Down amongst the shoppers, a rich mix of humanity, many showing the rough edges of a less than gentle life and some difficult relationships, I wonder ‘Where in this can I find God?’  The answer, for me, is in the simple capacity of each person to love. For all of us there are times when it is not easy, but when we do love, there is God.