Why Pappy?

Why Pappy?

Daisy is just two years old, but the questions have already begun – ‘What’s this?’ ‘Why Pappy? It is often then a challenge to reflect on why it is, indeed, that we do certain things, or that things are the way they are!

Of course ‘Why Pappy?’ is what theology is all about. Although I spent four years studying this in preparation for ministry, I have tended to be resistant towards pure academic study or research. For me it is important to be rooted in the practical and the ‘real’, but perhaps I neglect the reflection that would make purpose clear.

Recently however, as I wrestle with the task of engaging the churches with those who are in Care Homes to a greater degree than they do, I have been reminded of the importance of asking the question.
“If people are being asked to visit and work with the very elderly, they need to know the why? and the how?” stood out for me in a conversation with an academic gerontologist. And so I begin to seek an answer to the question and fill a gap that is yet to be filled – what is the theology of old age?  … Why Pappy?

If you read this and it prompts some thoughts that you could share – then please do!