Birth – experience of life and God

Edward at one day old

Edward at one day old

Edward was born on 5th November 2014 and has been melting hearts from the outset. It is impossible not to be moved by such an event, but of course it touches each person in a different way, depending on the relationship etc.

Interestingly, this momentous event in our family came as I was reflecting around the whole theme of birth as the Christian community looks forward to celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ at Christmas.

Following a pattern of considering different perspectives, the notes offered below begin to explore the viewpoints of me, you and God.

In relation to the arrival of Edward I know how mind-boggled I feel at the whole experience of a new life coming into the world and how aware of the ‘gift’ that is offered. Apart from the pain, I know my daughter, Rachel, found Edward’s sudden appearance quite surreal, with this little mite instantly beginning to make sense of the world around him and commanding attention care and love. From God’s perspective I can only trust that he is offering life, hope and trust in his creation.

I leave you with my notes, which may lead you to some quiet moments of reflection.
Birth – the Christmas Experience – notes for group reflection.