Can the Church link to what people do on a Sunday?

Amazing variety

A holiday Sunday found me in Warwick to discover a Food Fayre taking place. Crepes to buffalo burgers, Thai to cupcakes, artisan bread to pulled lamb baps and much else all served to indicate how interdependent we are around our world for the basics for living.
The crowds filling the square contrasted with the numbers that would have been in church. Those leaving after worship seemed happy enough, but it seemed so insular compared with the crowds in the square. How do we make the connection between one and the other  –  after all the crowds were certainly celebrating God’s gifts and his sustenance of human life.

I wonder if the church might have a presence in such events as this, simply encouraging people to reflect on the goodness of God – through leaflets, displays, music, conversation? The briefest reflection in people’s minds becomes a moment of worship!

In Solihull the Jazz Festival was creating energy and crowds while church folk were closeted away celebrating Pentecost, the coming of the Holy Spirit. Yet, was not the Spirit present in Mell Square, offering creativity and joy? Again, how might a connection be made – after all Christian living is not too far removed from playing jazz!?

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